Frequently Asked Questions

The following applications are currently accessible through ENV-ITE:

eDMR and Wypermit (Water Quality),

IMPACT (Air Quality),

and MIDAS (Land Quality).

Location: Administration / Env-ite

If you have questions, please contact the application administrators:

eDMR Application Administrator: Kevin Campbell – kevin.campbell@wyo.gov; 307-777-2431
IMPACT Application Administrator: Zachary Mangin – zachary.mangin@wyo.gov; 307-777-6282
MIDAS Application Administrator: Carol Bilbrough – carol.bilbrough@wyo.gov; 307-777-6772
Wypermit Application Administrator: Leah Coleman – leah.coleman@wyo.gov; 307-777-7093


Location: Administration / Env-ite

The eGOV account is needed because ENV-ITE uses the eGOV username and password for authentication. 

Location: Administration / Env-ite

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