DEQ celebrates continued environmental stewardship ahead of Earth Day

Administration Division
Published: April 18, 2017

Cheyenne, Wyo - The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) applauds all state citizens and businesses for continued environmental stewardship.

"The work our citizens and businesses do, keeps our state and environmental resources world class," said Todd Parfitt, DEQ Director. "The environment and industry can and do prosper together in Wyoming."

According to Parfitt, DEQ has seen continued success in protecting resources and improving many areas throughout Wyoming. These are only a few examples of the numerous achievements of the agency:

  • 27,886 historic abandoned mine acres reclaimed
  • 91,003 acres of current mines reclaimed
  • Implemented program to remediate 5 landfills with groundwater contamination
  • Highest storage tank (filling stations) compliance rate in the country
  • 1,231 leaking storage tank sites remediated
  • Over 250 air quality monitors placed throughout Wyoming
  • Reduced over 6800 tons of volatile organic compounds and 1900 tons of nitrogen oxides in the Upper Green River Basin since 2008  
  • All of Wyoming air quality meets federal standards
  • Since 2008, 14 stream and river segments totaling over 100 miles have been restored to meet water quality standards using technical and financial assistance from DEQ.

DEQ oversees more than 5,000 businesses operating thousands of facilities. Small oil and gas operations, refineries, power plants, wastewater treatment and disposal facilities, landfills, filling stations, coal and non-coal mines, and many other facilities fall under DEQ's authority.

"We have highly educated and knowledgeable staff dedicated to protecting Wyoming's natural resources," said Parfitt. "From engineers, scientists, and geologists to financial professionals... Our staff is a tremendous resource, leading the way to a cleaner and healthier environment."