Records Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our files are available only in physical format. To review these physical files, you would need to schedule a time to visit our offices. If some files are available in electronic format, DEQ will send you these files via email. 

As some files may not be available or in active use by staff, we suggest filing a records request with our online form. Staff will then be able to locate the files and contact you when they are available.

First, fill out the electronic request form.  It is located here.

Once you have submitted your request, you should receive an automatic email response.  The appropriate programs and/or divisions within DEQ will contact you once the files have been located. 


It depends on the records you are requesting and their availability. The majority of requests are filled quickly. However, keep in mind that most of our records are not in electronic format. Also, some records maybe in active use by staff.

If you are requesting email correspondence records, these requests must go through review for confidential, trademark and attorney-client privilege information.

Once files are located, staff from each division/program will notify you of availability.

Unfortunately, DEQ does not have enough staff support to conduct file review and research. Once your records request is received, staff will contact you on the availability and location of the files. It will be up to you to review these files.

Ask a Question

If you have a question, you can ask us by using this form. You may optionally select a division that the question pertains to or submit it as a general question.