Asbestos Inspectors

Because there is no registration or licensure program in Wyoming, there is no list of Asbestos Building Inspectors that can be provided.

We suggest that you search under the keywords "asbestos detection" or "asbestos removal" in larger cities near your location.

Please be aware of the potential for conflict of interest if you hire someone from an asbestos abatement firm to perform an inspection or collect samples.

Every state around Wyoming, except for Idaho, has registration and licensure programs, so if you are near a border you may want to consider looking at surrounding state’s websites to find trained Asbestos Building Inspectors.

A trained individual should be able to provide you with a copy of their current training certificate at the time of sampling although most will provide it as part of an inspection report. If the training certificate does not state that the course taken was an Asbestos Building Inspector course, then the sampling may not hold up in a court of law.

Please call 307-777-7394 if you need additional information.