Notification Requirements

The State of Wyoming does not have a required notification form as long as the information required in the regulation is provided to the Wyoming Asbestos Program, but a form is available in a Word or Excel format and can be accessed here. The notice can be provided by any entity involved in the project, but the form “belongs to” the entity that first provides it. 

We recommend that the form be emailed [] or faxed [307-777-6937]as soon as it is complete and then it must be followed by a hard copy through a mail service. The form must be provided to the program at least 10-working days prior to the start of any renovation activity that will create or disturb Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM) and 10-working days prior to the start of any demolition activity in a facility. 

Changes to the form must be made in writing, but that means that they can be made by either hand- or type-writing them on letterhead and faxing them, or sending an email that includes entity contact information. 

Please call 307-777-7394 if you need additional information.