Actual Emissions Inventory

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality monitors and collects actual emissions data in accordance with federal regulations. Inventory data is uploaded to the appropriate database after all reporting facilities have submitted data to the AQD and that information has been reviewed. Emissions data may be updated when new information is received.

The AQD placed a Query Wizard into operation on July 1, 2014. This tool allows internal and external users to query the AQD’s two actual emissions databases. The WISE View database contains both Major and Minor point source actual emissions on a facility-by-facility, source-by-source, and pollutant-by-pollutant basis. The OGER database contains actual emissions associated with oil and gas production site operations on a well-by-well, source-by-source, and pollutant-by-pollutant basis.  

To access the Query Wizard, please click here.

The other files available below also contain actual emission data and are current as of the date posted. The most recent emissions data is made available by the Query Wizard described above. Please contact the AQD’s Emissions Inventory & Regional Haze Supervisor for inquiries regarding emissions data.


File Date