Major Title V Emissions Inventories

The Division strongly encourages you to submit your Title V, calendar-year (CY) 2017 emissions inventories through the online Inventory, Monitoring, Permitting, And Compliance Tracking (IMPACT) system. By using IMPACT, we expect that your preparation of the CY2017 inventories will be much simpler, faster and more cost effective. The system contains your completed emissions inventories for the last three reporting years – 2014, 2015, 2016 – for each of your Title V facilities. IMPACT offers you the ability to automatically copy the CY2016 inventory data to create the draft CY2017 inventory for each facility; you then just update the data where necessary to reflect CY2017 operating parameters and any emission unit changes.

If you choose to submit a CY2017 emissions inventory by paper, please contact the Division at The Division will email to you the prior-year emissions inventory document on which you can manually enter current-year updates, to complete the submittal by paper.

To Obtain an IMPACT User Account

If you do not already have an IMPACT user account, please proceed to for information on obtaining one.

IMPACT Training Webinars

Training webinars on using IMPACT to submit emissions inventories will be held during the next few months. Please check for new webinar events as they are posted. Feel free to send in any comments or questions that you would like us to address.

Remember that Division staff are always available to answer your IMPACT questions.