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IMPACT / Open Air Support Team

Adam Deppe          Project Manager      307-777-6088
Zac Mangin            Project Support        307-777-6282
Ken Rairigh            Project Support        307-777-6188
Lexie Herdt             Project Support        307-777-8754
Tyler Ward              Inventory Support     307-777-7872
Natalie Kuhlmann   Records Support      307-777-7360


What is IMPACT / Open Air

IMPACT is the Wyoming Air Quality Division’s (AQD) online Inventory, Monitoring, Permitting, And Compliance Tracking (IMPACT) data system. IMPACT enables the AQD to:

  • Better manage the flow of information and data across all of its programs
  • Provide better service to industry and the public
  • Improve data quality
  • Increase transparency of information between the AQD, the regulated community and the public

Two components of the IMPACT system exist: the IMPACT Portal, used by industry to submit reports and permit applications electronically, and the Open Air website (public version of IMPACT), used by members of the public seeking air quality-related information.

  1. IMPACT Portal ( - Upon completing the account creation process (Account Creation Guidance), industry users can log in here to submit air quality data electronically. 

    Click the weblink here to access the IMPACT Portal Resources page.

  2. Open Air ( - Free, self-service website providing the public with access to a repository of air quality data and other information regarding AQD-permitted facilities. An account is not needed. The Open Air guidance can be found here.

    Click the weblink here to access the Open Air Resources page.

When was IMPACT implemented?

IMPACT was launched in fall 2014 for processing of New Source Review permit applications and compliance reports. The Open Air website launched in November 2018.


If you have questions regarding IMPACT / Open Air, please contact:  
Adam Deppe, IMPACT Project Manager, 307-777-6088