Winter Ozone Study

In the winters of 2005 and 2006, primarily in the month of February, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality - Air Quality Division (AQD) measured 8-hour ozone concentrations greater than 80 ppb at monitoring stations in the Upper Green River Basin.  In 2007, the AQD instituted the Upper Green Winter Ozone Study (UGWOS) program.  Through several years of targeted monitoring studies, the AQD has continued to provide monitoring data to assist the AQD and other scientists in understanding the winter ozone phenomenon.  For each year the study has been conducted, the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), monitoring database, and the final report can be found below. 

Please note that, although these data have been fully quality assured, there can be issues when translating these data into an MSAccess database; therefore, the database has been versioned in the event that translation errors are found. For more information, please contact Cara Keslar, Monitoring Section Supervisor, at (307) 777-8684.



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