Application and Permits

Decisions made by the Industrial Siting Council on rules, regulations and permit requests are posted as soon as possible after each meeting of the council.

Some of these Facility Pages are still under construction and being developed.


Permit Number Facility Company
20 20-02 Gateway South Transmission Project Rocky Mountain Power
20 19-07 Unit 8 Expansion Project Ciner Wyoming LLC
20 19-06 LaBarge Carbon Capture Project ExxonMobil
20 19-02 Cedar Springs III Wind Energy Project Cedar Springs Wind III LLC
20 18-11 Two Rivers and Lucky Star Wind Project Two Rivers LLC and Lucky Star LLC
20 18-13 Roundhouse Wind Energy Project Roundhouse Renewable Energy, LLC
20 18-07 TransWest Express Transmission Line TransWest Express, LLC
20 18-05 Cedar Springs Wind Project Cedar Springs Renewables, LLC
20 12-10 Gateway West Transmission Line Project Rocky Mountain Power
20 18-02 Uinta Wind Energy Project Uinta Wind Energy, LLC
19 75-01 Jim Bridger Unit 4 Pacific Power & Light Company Idaho Power Company (original) PacifiCorp Energy (Current)
19 75-03 Laramie River Station Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Current)
19 78-01 Coal Creek Mine Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO)
19 78-03 Soda Ash Expansion Project Tenneco Minerals Company (original) Solvay Minerals Inc. (current)
19 79-02 Texasgulf Soda Ash Granger FMC Wyoming
19 80-01 Carter Rawhide Peabody Energy
19 80-02 Rojo Caballos Mine and Associated Facilities Mobil Oil Corporation
19 80-04 Wyodak Unit 2 Black Hills Coorporation and PacifiCorp Energy
19 81-01 North Antelope Coal Mine Peabody
19 81-02 NERCO Antelope Antelope Coal Company
19 81-04 Coal to Gasoline Facility Hampshire Energy
19 82-01 North Rochelle Mine facilities Shell Oil Company (original) Thunder Basin Coal Company, LLC (current)
19 82-02 Phosphate fetilizer plant and associated ancillary facilities Chevron Phosphates (original) Simplot (current)
19 83-03 Anschutz Ranch East wellfield Amoco Production Company (Amoco)
19 83-04 Exxon Labarge Phase I Exxon Company, USA
19 84-01 Rochelle Mine Rochelle Coal Company
19 85-01 Painter Reservoir Unit Gas Plant Amoco Production Company (Amoco)
19 85-02 Exxon LaBarge Phase II Exxon Company, USA
19 85-03 Bairoil Carbon Dioxide Project Amoco Production Company (Amoco)
19 88-01 Amonia Project and Underground Coal Gasification Project Rawlins Products, Inc. and Rawlins UCG Company Limited Partnership
19 89-01 Dry Fork Mine Project Dry Fork Coal Company
19 92-01 Neil Simpson Unit #2 Black Hills Corporation
19 93-01 FMC Mine Water Soda Ash Expansion Project FMC Wyoming
19 94-01 Benetron Project World Trona Company, Inc.
19 95-01 Coal Enhancing Facilities at Cordero Mine Puron PRB Limited Partnership between Kennecott and Puron Corp.
19 95-02 Kenetech / PacifiCorp Project Kennetech Wind Power, Inc.
19 97-01 ENCOAL Commercial LFC Plant ENCOAL Corp.
19 97-02 Two Elk Waste Coal-fired Electricity Generating Facility Two Elk Generation Partners, LP
19 97-03 Soda Ash Expansion Project OCI Wyoming, LP
20 00-01 Train 3 of the Lost Cabin Gas Plant Louisiana Land and Exploration as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Burlington Resources (original) Conoco Phillips (Current)
20 02-01 Exxon LaBarge Exxon Company, USA
20 03-01 Uinta County Windfarm Uinta County Windfarm, LLP
20 04-01 WyGen II Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Black Hills Corporation
20 06-01 Dry Fork Coal Plant Basin Electric Power Cooperative
20 07-01 Coal to Liquids Plant Medicine Bow Fuel and Power, LLC
20 07-02 WyGen III Black Hills Corporation
20 07-03 Seven Mile Hill Wind Farm PacifiCorp Energy
20 07-04 Glenrock and Rolling Hills Wind Farm PacifiCorp Energy
20 08-01 Dave Johnston Plant PacifiCorp Energy
20 08-02 High Plains and McFadden Ridge Wind Energy Project PacifiCorp Energy
20 08-03 Echo Springs Gas Plant Wamsutter, LLC
20 08-04 Campbell Hill Windpower Project Duke Energy doing business as Three Buttes, LLC
20 09-01 Dunlap Wind Energy Project PacifiCorp Energy
20 09-03 Top of the World Windpower Project Top of the World Wind Energy, LLC
20 09-04 Chugwater Flats Energy Project Novelution Wind, LLC
20 09-02 Reno Juction Wind Energy Project Third Planet Windpower Reno Juction, LLC
20 10-02 Pioneer Parks I and II Wasatch Wind Intermountain, LLC
20 11-04 Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station Black Hills Corporation
20 12-02 Genesis Alkali Wyoming LP - Granger Optimization Project Genesis Alkali
20 13-02 Rock Springs Ammonia Facility Simplot Phosphates, LLC
20 12-07 Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Facility Power Company of Wyoming, LLC
20 15-05 Boswell Springs Project Boswell Springs, LLC
20 18-01 TB Flats Wind Energy Project TB Flats Wind Energy LLC
20 17-03 Ekola Flats Wind Energy Project Ekola Flats Wind Energy LLC
20 20-09 Rail Tie Wind Project ConnectGen Albany County LLC