Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station

On April 30, 2012, Black Hills Corporation filed an Application for a Permit to construct and operate the Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Black Hills Corporation proposed to construct the Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a natural gas-fired generating power plant providing a total of 132 MW.  The power plant includes a natural gas-fired combustion turbine generator and a combined cycle unit.  The proposed site of the Facility is located on the southeast side of the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It is an undeveloped parcel of approximately 250 acres and is characterized by gently rolling hills.  The proposed site has a water supply, access to interstate natural gas pipelines, and access to and availability of electric transmission. This project started construction in 2013 and utilize about 400 construction workers during peak activity.  Facility went into operation in October 2014.  11-04


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