Ciner Unit 8 Expansion Project

On June 8, 2020, Ciner Wyoming, LLC (Applicant) filed an application under Section 109 (as a contested case) with the Wyoming Industrial Council.  The application to Council is for a permit to construct and operate the Unit 8 Capacity Expansion Project approximately 22 miles north of Green River in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.  The Applicant proposes to construct a new refinery unit (Unit 8), rail track loop, and associated facilities to produce 1.1M tons per year (tpy) of additional soda ash. The primary components of the project will include an office lab and control room building, Unit 8 main building and tanks, crusher and conveyors, Silo 8 and loadout, rail loop track, Shaft 5, and ore stockpiles, and contractor parking and laydown area. The project consists of 274.2 acres of land and the land ownership is 10.7 acres of land privately owned by Ciner Wyoming LLC and 263.5 acres of publically owned land with surface management by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Construction is anticipated to be 24 months and is anticipated to commence in Q4 2020 and be completed by Q4 of 2022. Construction manpower is anticipated to peak at an estimated 560 workers in December 2021.


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