The LQD regulates the permitting of coal production in the state. The LQD's regulations include issuing a variety of permits for coal mining activities, preparing cumulative hydrologic impact assessments (CHIA), and issuing annual reports on coal mining sites around the state.

Information for Coal Producers

To assist producers, we provide a .PDF Handbook of Approved Sampling and Statistical Methods for Evaluation of Revegetation Success on Wyoming Coal Mines, which you may access by clicking here. We recommend producers review this document before completing the necessary forms to comply with state rules and regulations.

We also provide sample public notice formats for coal producers, as well as the instructions and forms that are necessary for coal bonds.

Annual Reports

A revised Coal Annual Report Format (CARF) is now available for download.  Be advised that the requirements of the revised CARF will not be imposed until May 1, 2015, but operators are encouraged to use it immediately.  Visit the reports section of our site to find annual reports on coal, wells, surface and groundwater, precipitation sites and the state drill hole report.