MIDAS & e-Permitting

What is MIDAS?

MIDAS is the Land Quality Division's (LQD) new site for electronic permitting and reporting, and will be used to submit and review applications, upload and view reports, and view data and correspondence.  MIDAS functionalities include:

  • Online applications for new permits
  • Online applications for modifications to existing permits
  • Application status tracking
  • Online application review process
  • Uploading Annual Reports and Monitoring Reports
  • Viewing and downloading LQD Inspection Reports
  • Viewing and downloading correspondence
  • Viewing all data that LQD tracks about an operator's permits
  • Permit viewing by individuals from other State and Federal agencies (as permissioned by LQD)

Individual MIDAS users gain access to the e-permitting system after obtaining authentication credentials from the State of Wyoming, DEQ, and LQD. It is a simple, but secure process.

Why should you use MIDAS?

MIDAS was designed to enhance the efficiency and consistency of the LQD program and to provide a user-friendly interface for operators to submit and view information about their permits.  User benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency for opertors in permit application preparation and the submittal process
  • Greatly reduced cost of application preparation through elimination/reduction of paper and copying costs
  • Increased efficiency in application review and permit processing
  • Increased efficiency for operators and LQD in permit document management
  • A single version of "the truth" - All individuals with an interest in a permit view the same permit documents instead of multiple copies where inconsistencies among permit documents may occur

How to get started:

MIDAS was launched in December of 2014, and is available now for e-permitting.  If you are interested in e-permitting, please refer to the "Getting Started" link under Resources in the left menu.  This section provides instructions for obtaining authentication credentials and permission in MIDAS, which is required for all users. For operators who already have permits, please contact your permit coordinator to determine an approach for converting your paper permit to an electronic format.