Pre-Application Process Guideline 24

In consultation with the industry representatives, the Land Quality Division (LQD) has developed the Pre-Application Process Guideline for Permit Applications, Amendments and Revisions for Coal and Noncoal Mining Operations (Guideline 24). The purpose of the pre-application process is to ensure submittal of complete and accurate applicatons resulting in shorter reviews, fewer rounds of comment and response, and ultimately, faster approval of applications. More efficient preparationand review of applications results in time and cost savings for both applicants and LQD.

Guideline 24 provides an overview and instructions on how to use the pre-application process. The process applies to all types of applications including new permits, amendments, revisions, renewals and transfers. It does not apply to bonding. LQD recommends initiating the pre-application process 6 months to 1 year before submitting a permit application. 

Click here to download the LQD Pre-Application Guideline (Guideline 24).

If you have questions, please contact your local District Office.

Common Application Processing Bottlenecks

Surface and Mineral Ownership and Access: Prior to the pre-application meeting, LQD encourages the applicant to determine the surface and mineral ownership rights and to discuss access and right to mine issues with the appropriate parties. The application approval will be delayed in the applicant has not obtained all the required access and right to mine.

Bonding: The applicant is encouraged to start the process of securing the bonding instrument as soon as possible. One of the common issues that can prevent an application from being approved in a timely manner is not having the appropriate bonding instrument in place when the application is submitted.