1- Eligibility & Application

This page contains important information about whether or not certain sites are eligible for DEQ's Voluntary Remediation Program, as well as information concerning the application process. 


Owners, operators, and prospective purchasers of most contaminated sites in Wyoming are eligible for the VRP.

Eligible sites include the following:

  • Sites where contamination occurred before the effective date of the VRP (March 10, 2000), unless the contamination was from a unit or activity that was or should have been permitted under the Environmental Quality Act at the time of the release.

  • Sites where contamination occurred after March 10, 2000 provided the site owner or operator is implementing a pollution prevention plan consistent with rules promulgated by DEQ.  Note: approved pollution prevention plans are not required until the DEQ completes the pollution prevention plan regulations.

  • Releases from permitted waste management or disposal units, if DEQ determines that it is not technically practicable to cleanup the release in accordance with permit requirements.

Ineligible sites include the following: 

  • Sites that are listed on the Federal National Priorities List under the CERCLA or Superfund.

  • Commercial waste incineration or disposal facilities.

  • Sites regulated under the DEQ Storage Tank Program, except in cases where the release is from a source other than the regulated tank(s).

  • Radioactive waste storage facilities.

  • Sites regulated under the Abandoned Mine Lands Program.

  • Sites where contamination is the result of continuous or repeated violation of any law, rule, regulation or order under the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act.

  • Sites where remediation is required by an order (except for orders on consent) issued by the DEQ, Environmental Quality Council, any court, or required by an administrative or judicial order to which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a party.


You can apply for the VRP by filling out the application form.

Once completed, the application form must be printed, signed, and submitted to DEQ with a $550 application fee. This fee is only refunded if a site is not eligible for the VRP. DEQ will determine site eligibility within 45 days of receiving the application. For additional information on the VRP application process, please review Fact Sheet 3.