Cheyenne Airport Addition *CURRENTLY INACTIVE*

The Cheyenne Airport Addition is located at 112 East 8th Avenue in the City of Cheyenne.  At one time, the site served as the location for the original Cheyenne airport hangars.  It later became the United Airlines maintenance/overhaul facility until 1947.  The site remained vacant for many years until Blood Systems Inc. (DBA United Blood Services) purchased the property in 1994.  A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment indicated the potential for contamination related to historic site use.  A subsequent Level II Environmental Site Assessment (Empire Laboratories, Inc. 1994) documented chlorinated solvent impacts to groundwater above maximum contaminant levels (MCLs).      

The Cheyenne Airport Addition has been evaluated as a high priority site for the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality/Orphan Site Remediation Program (WDEQ/OSRP).  Existing groundwater contamination at the site and the risks that it may pose to human health and the environment are the basis for additional investigation.  Recent state funds, allocated to the WDEQ/OSRP, made the 2014 site investigation possible.

WDEQ/OSRP Project Manager:
Sarah Bargsten
(307) 777-2440 

Site Investigation Updates:

  • Prior to the purchase of the property by Blood Systems, Inc., a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was conducted.
  • October 1994:  An investigation confirmed environmental contamination related to historic site use.
  • July and August 2014:  A field investigation was conducted to delineate site soil and groundwater investigation, and evaluate the vapor intrusion pathway.
  • December 2014:  2nd quarterly groundwater, subslab, and indoor air data were collected.
  • March 2015:  3rd quarterly groundwater, subslab, and indoor air data were collected.



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