7- Incentives

This page contains information on the variety of incentives that are available to participants in the Voluntary Remediation Program. 

Liability Assurances 

Liability assurances are agreements from the DEQ that cleanup goals for a piece of property (a "site"), or a portion of a site, that satisfy DEQ requirements, are underway or have been completed. Liability assurances affect DEQ's ability to require additional cleanup at a site, and give site owners, operators, prospective purchasers, and land developers certainty about the extent of their responsibility for cleanup.

The VRP establishes three types of liability assurances:

  • Covenants not to sue
  • Certificates of completion
  • No further action (NFA) letters

The liability assurance(s) issued depend on site-specific conditions, on the remedies implemented, and on the amount of certainty a Volunteer wants about the potential for DEQ to require additional cleanup in the future.

Brownfields Assistance for Local Governments

DEQ has developed an administrative process for managing sites that receive Brownfield Assistance (BA). BA will be provided by the state in the form of limited site work, such as assessments and/or cleanups of VRP-eligible sites.

Land Use Restrictions

Upon petition by the Volunteer, the local land use authority may grant a Use Control Areas (UCA) to limit the types of land use activities at a site. In general, a UCA must be in effect before DEQ can enter into a remedy agreement that includes cleanup levels based on restricted site uses (e.g., industrial cleanup levels) implemented through a UCA. For additional information on UCAs, refer to Fact Sheet 23.