Evaluation Process

This page contains information on the process of how SHWD identifies and evaluates orhpan sites in Wyoming.

Orphan Site Identification

Once a site is identified as a potential orphan site, DEQ will determine whether the site is in fact an orphan site. Sites can be identified as potential orphan sites by:

  • Referral from other DEQ programs or state agencies
  • Citizen complaints, including anonymous complaints
  • Evidence of contamination on adjacent properties
  • Data submitted voluntarily by property owners or their representatives
  • Research efforts by the DEQ or its contractors

If you believe there may be a potential orphan site in your community, please contact Cindi Martinez at (307) 777-2948.

Orphan Site Evaluation

Orphan Sites are evaluated based on the following: 

  • Potential Contaminants: the toxicity/hazard of the contaminant(s), concentration of the contaminant(s) in soil and groundwater, and hazardous vapors and particulates from the contaminant(s).
  • Local Environment: the depth of groundwater and proximity to surface water.
  • Human Exposure: proximity to drinking water source and land use.
  • Ecological Receptor: whether there is important/sensitive habitat or threatened or endangered species near the site.

DEQ uses an Orphan Site Evaluation Worksheet to document the risks at a site.



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