Why is the P2 Plan Rule Important?

Without the implementation of P2 activities after the effective date, owners/operations whose businesses store/generate/create contaminants will not be eligible to take advantage of the VRP and voluntarily cleanup contaminants.

The important benefits of the VRP (benefits that are not available through any other DEQ program) that are not accessible unless you implement the P2 Plan include the following:

  • Issuance of liability assurances after successful site cleanup
  • The possibility of calculating site-specific soil cleanup levels
  • The ability to petition for a Use Control Area, under certain circumstances.

All of these benefits are tremendously useful for site cleanup and restoration.

How can the P2 Plan Rules Benefit Your Business?

The P2 Plan Rules help prevent accidental releases of contaminants, which can have the following postiive outcomes:

  • Save money by not wasting materials
  • Save money that would otherwise be spent cleaning up the resulting contamination that can occur to soils, surface water and groundwater on your property or your neighbor's property - this can be VERY expensive and take months to years to accomplish
  • Prevent exposing employees and the public to the potentially harmful health effects resulting from contact with certain spilled chemicals