Sanitary Landfill Operation and Management Workbook

In many ways, constructing, operating and maintaining a solid waste management landfill is no different than constructing, operating and maintaining a highway, dam, canal, bridge or other engineered structure.

The most important similarity is that landfills, like other engineered structures, must be constructed and operated in a manner that will provide safe, long-term and reliable service to the communities they serve.

This workbook is designed to provide municipal landfill operators and managers in Wyoming with the fundamental knowledge and technical background necessary to ensure that this objective is achieved.

This workbook contains valuable information regarding basic construction and operation activities that are encountered on a day-to-day or routine basis at most landfills. The basic procedures and fundamental elements of landfill permitting, construction management, monitoring, closure, post-closure and financial assurance are also addressed.

Scattered throughout the workbook are informative tips and information that landfill operators and managers can exercise to conserve landfill space, minimize the potential for pollution, and reduce overall landfill operating costs.

Finally, the workbook is designed to serve as a long-term reference for operators and managers of Wyoming municipal landfills. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality will provide updates and inserts to the workbook as regulations, guidelines, landfill practices and waste management alternatives evolve.

This workbook was compiled by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality under a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


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