Sanitary Landfill Operation and Management workbook

In many ways, constructing, operating and maintaining a municipal solid waste landfill is similar to constructing, operating, and maintaining a highway, dam, canal, bridge, or other engineered structure.  The most important similarity is that landfills, like other engineered structures, must be constructed and operated in a manner that will provide safe, long-term, and reliable service to the communities they serve.  Proper design, construction, operation, monitoring, closure and post-closure care are critical because after disposal the waste can be a threat to human health and the environment for decades to centuries.

This workbook is intended to provide municipal landfill operators and managers in Wyoming with the fundamental knowledge and technical background necessary to ensure that landfills are operated efficiently, effectively, and in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment.

This workbook contains information regarding basic construction and operation activities that are encountered on a routine basis at most landfills.  The basic procedures and fundamental elements of landfill permitting, construction management, monitoring, closure, post-closure care, and financial assurance are also addressed.  The workbook includes informative tips and information that landfill operators and managers can use to conserve landfill space, minimize the potential for pollution, reduce operating costs, and comply with applicable rules and regulations.  In addition to this workbook, operators and managers need to become familiar with the Wyoming Solid Waste Rules and Regulations applicable to municipal solid waste.  The DEQ also provides numerous guidelines that may help understand regulatory requirements in more detail.  This information may be found at the DEQ’s website:

Sections 1-3 of this workbook should be considered an “operator’s module”.  These sections contain basic information for landfill operators.  Sections 4-9 should be considered a “manager’s module”.  These sections contain more detailed information that may be more relevant for landfill managers.

The Department of Environmental Quality, Solid and Hazardous Waste Division, Solid Waste Permitting and Corrective Action Program (DEQ) has prepared a short training course and two tests to accompany this workbook.  While this training and testing is not mandatory by rule, it may be required because it has been specified as a training requirement in a landfill’s permit application.  Many landfill operators use these resources to help ensure that landfill personnel have the basic skills necessary to do their jobs.

The first test offered by DEQ is the “Operator Examination”.  This test is based on the information in Sections 1-3.  Upon passing this test, an individual will receive operator certification from the DEQ.  The second test is the “Manager Examination”.  This test is based on the information in Sections 4-9.  Upon passing both the Operator and Manager Examinations, an individual will receive manager certification from the DEQ.  
This training and testing is usually offered by the DEQ in August at the annual seminar of the Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association. The tests are also available year round at any DEQ office location. Please contact Suzanne Engels to schedule an exam.


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