Red Tags

Below is a list of Facilities Prohibited From Receiving Fuel (Red Tags).

Facility Number Facility Name Address Violations and Link to Notice of Violation and Order
0-005141                     Cowboy's            3401 Upper Powder River Road, Near Buffalo               Failure to comply with a Notice of Violation and Order
0-002840 Hornet's Nest 7436 North Highway 89, Evanston Failure to repair and retest a cathodic protection system
0-004300 The Rock Stop 1514 East 15th Street, Sheridan Failure to have Class A and B Storage Tank Operators, and failure to repair the premium unleaded UST piping system
0-003020 Mammoth Service Station Mammoth Service Station, Yellowstone National Park Failure to repair the premium UST when it failed integrity testing. Red tag is only for the premium UST.
0-005120 Buckboard Marina at Flaming Gorge HC 65, Near Green River Failure to have licensed Class A and B Storage Tank Operators




Facilities no longer on the above list, have been issued a Notice of Compliance which can be found by clicking here