General Requirements for 401 Certifications


The following general requirements apply to all 401 Certifications.

  • Discharges of dredged or fill material in excess of that which is required to complete the project are not permitted

  • Discharges to waters not identified in the federal license or permit are not permitted

  • The permittee shall incorporate appropriate Best Management Practices (BMP’s) into the project to ensure compliance with applicable provisions of the Clean Water Act, Wyoming surface water quality standards and any other conditions placed on the permit or certification

  • Authorized representatives of WDEQ/WQD shall be provided access to enter the site for inspection purposes.  Failure to provide access for inspection may result in revocation of the 401 Certification

  • The WDEQ/WQD shall be notified immediately upon discovery of any spill or other discharge to waters of the State not authorized by the applicable federal license or permit