CAFO Permitting Process

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of attaining a CAFO Permit entails the following steps: 

  1. Contact us.
    The permitting process involves multiple regulatory programs. You will need a permit from each regulatory program, including a WYPDES Discharge Permit, a Water and Wastewater Permit to Construct, and potentially an Air Quality Permit.

    You will likely need to meet with members of our team to review your plans, which usually results in a smoother, less expensive design and permitting process. See the bottom of this page for more contact information.

    Jon Deutscher
    Nutrient Management

    James Brough
    Water and Wastewater Permit to Construct

    Roland Peterson
    WYPDES Discharge Permit
  2. Hire an engineer.
    An engineer will help develop your wastewater, waste, and nutrient management plans and design the structures required by your permit. Financial assistance for this step may be available through the USDA Rural Development Program.

  3. Complete paperwork. 
    You will need to complete several forms and applications to apply for permits from the three regulatory programs with oversight for CAFO. 

    Some of these documents require you to submit them along with fees. Additional applications may be required for wastewater runoff and retention systems and/or for swine confinement facilities. 
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