How Do I Begin?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think you need a permit for your Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, you should gather some information before you contact us. 

  1. Do you have cropland that can be used to dispose of wastewater?
  2. Is your groundwater deeper than 20 feet?
  3. Do the water wells in your area draw from a deep aquifer?
  4. Does your soil have a slow “perc” rate? (caused by soil with clay or silt in it)
  5. Is the groundwater in your area unsuitable for potable use?
  6. Will you be able to grow grass or similar vegetation inside the area of the    containment pond when it is dry?

If your site meets most of the criteria listed above, you may qualify to contain your wastewater runoff in a “Temporary Retention Structure," which is generally cheaper and easier to build than a full retention structure. Even if your site does not meet the Temporary Retention Structure criteria, answers to these questions are needed in order to properly design your wastewater retention facility. 

If you need assistance obtaining this information, your engineer should be able to help you.

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