Class VI Wells Carbon Capture

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently created an electronic email listserv specifically for the Class VI Program.  The email list will allow us to more easily send updates and let individuals add or remove themselves as they wish. You can view the listserve and manage your subscription here.

Questions regarding Class VI wells and the permitting process can be directed to Lily R. Barkau, P.G. at 307-777-7072 or

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS) refers to the process in which carbon is captured from industrial processes and either utilized by turning the carbon into a new product or stored by injecting the carbon into a storage site, usually underground in a geologic formation.


(Energy & Environmental Research Center – University of North Dakota)

Geologic Sequestration

Wyoming Environmental Quality Act and Industrial Development Information and Siting Act (2020 Edition) 35-11-103:

  • (xx) "Geologic sequestration" means the injection of carbon dioxide and associated constituents into subsurface geologic formations intended to prevent its release into the atmosphere;
  • (xxi) "Geologic sequestration site" means the underground geologic formations where the carbon dioxide is intended to be stored;
  • (xxii) "Geologic sequestration facilities" means the surface equipment used for transport, storage and injection of carbon dioxide.

Carbon sequestration permit requirements and Unitization are outlined in 35-11-313 through 35-11-317

Water Quality Rules Chapter 24, Section 2(v) “Geologic sequestration project” means an injection well or wells used to emplace a carbon dioxide stream into an injection zone for geologic sequestration.  It includes the subsurface three-dimensional extent of the carbon dioxide plume, associated pressure front, and displaced fluid, as well as the surface area above that delineated region.

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