Bear River

County Impairment(s) Target Completion Date Conservation District(s) Notes
Uinta Sediment FY2014 Uinta County  


This page represents the total maximum daily load (TMDL) analyses of an impaired segment of the Bear River within the Upper Bear River Sub-basin in fulfillment of the requirements by the Clean Water Act. The overall goal of this TMDL process is to restore and maintain water quality in the impaired segment of the Bear River to a level that protects and supports its designated uses (e.g., drinking water, game and non-game fish, fish consumption, other aquatic life, recreation, wildlife, agriculture, industry, and scenic value). This TMDL was developed by SWCA Environmental Consultants under the direction of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ).

Based on a monitoring assessment completed by WDEQ, Water Quality Division (WQD) in 1998 (WDEQ 2001a), the Bear River from the confluence of Sulphur Creek to Woodruff Narrows Reservoir was determined not to be supporting its designates uses for “cold water fishery and aquatic life other than fish” due to excess sediment in the river. Therefore, WDEQ added this segment of the Bear River to their 303(d) list in 2002 (WDEQ 2012a). This report defines the TMDL and water quality targets that, when attained, will bring the impaired segment of the Bear River into full support of the uses designated by the State of Wyoming.


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