Temporary Turbidity Waiver. Wyoming’s Water Quality Rules and Regulations, Chapter 1, Wyoming Surface Water Quality Standards, include turbidity criteria for waters designated as fisheries and/or drinking water supplies. Any type of construction activity within these streams is likely to result in exceedances of these criteria.  In accordance with Section 23(c)(ii) of Chapter 1, the administrator of the WQD may authorize temporary increases in turbidity above the numeric criteria in Section 23(a) in response to an individual application for a specific activity. In circumstances where a project has the potential to exceed the turbidity criteria, a waiver is recommended. An application must be submitted and a waiver approved by the administrator before work begins. This process generally takes about 30 days. Please contact Eric Hargett (307-777-6701) for more information.

Turbidity is an important test for water quality that falls under the Watershed Protection Program’s jurisdiction. See Applications under Resources for the Turbidity Waiver Application; see Guidance under Resources for instructions on how to fill out the application.


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