Wetland Banking

In 1991, the Wyoming Legislature passed the Wyoming Wetlands Act. The Act was further amended and refined in 1994. The purpose of the statute is to establish a statewide wetland mitigation bank to improve the administration of wetland protection, permitting and restoration programs in the state.

This includes the operation of the statewide wetland bank and the procedures for establishing accounts and depositing and withdrawing wetland credits.

State Wetland Bank 

The state wetland bank provides essentially the same services as any other bank. The currency of the bank, however, is "wetland credits" rather than money. Any person who has earned a credit can deposit it in the bank until it is needed to pay off a wetland debt (mitigation).

One notable exception is that loans from the bank are not possible. Withdrawals are available only to credit holders and are limited to the actual amount and type of credit recorded.


The options made possible by the wetland bank are available to both public and private entities. Any individual landowner, organization or public agency can earn credits for wetland creation, restoration or enhancement.

Once the credits are recorded in the bank, they can be withdrawn by the owner or transferred to another party to meet mitigation requirements. The State of Wyoming, through DEQ, will maintain all bank records and produce periodic reports concerning wetland gains and losses and credit and debit transactions for each account.

Additional Resources

Please review our guidelines describing the operation of the statewide bank, the procedures for establishing accounts and depositing and withdrawing wetland credits. If you would like to submit an application, please follow the instructions attached with the form.


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