I had an excursion, what should I do?

Frequently Asked Questions

First, it is important to know what an excursion is. An excursion is an exceedance of the permit limit and is defined by the number of samples taken during any given sampling period that are over the permit limit. Second, it is important to understand that the DEQ cannot and will not tell your company how to address an excursion. It is up to your company to put forth a good faith effort to prevent the problem, correct the problem, and prevent any further occurrence of the problem. The DEQ will take any enforcement action it feels necessary to address any exceedance issue.

If your company does have an exceedance make sure you fill out the “#Exceeds” field on the “eDMR Parameters” page with the appropriate information. The DEQ suggests that you address the issue in the “AddComment” column in the “Value Records” table in the same row as the exceeded limit value. Upon saving the information in the “AddComment” column, it will be permanently stored in the “Comment” column. At a minimum, it is suggested your company reports the date of the excursion, the supposed cause, and also the plan of action to address the issue. You will have the option of following up on the issue by adding more notes in the “AddComment” column upon receiving further information – i.e. further test results, outfall modification/renovations, process changes, etc.

Upon submittal of the information to the DEQ, the information will be reviewed and any action the DEQ feels necessary will be taken. Please understand that by self submitting this information to the DEQ it by no means removes any responsibility of the permittee to follow all regulations provided by the applicable WYPDES permit and Wyoming Water Rules and Regulations.