What do I enter for Non-Detect and/or other non-numerical values?

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to enter Non-Detectable results, you can either use the manual method of changing the “NoDischType” in the “Value Record” or use the “Propagate” method. Please refer to the eDMR walkthrough for more information regarding these methods. The walkthrough can be found at http://deq.wyoming.gov/wqd/dmrs/resources/eDMR/.

You will notice any foreign characters will not be allowed to be entered in the Value column. Characters such as <>+- will be removed and the value will be changed to zero. If you have an effluent result of <X (less than some value), please record the value as “Below Detection”. If you have a sample that is + or – X (plus or minus some value), please record the value only and leave off the precision. Please DO NOT enter “Zero (0)” when reporting a Non-Detectable result. Instead, please use “Below Detection Limit/No Detection” from the “NoDischType” in the “Value Record” table.