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There are several steps that must be completed in order to gain access to nForm. 

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nForm provides the ability for permittees to electronically submit permit applications for several WYPDES general permits including:

  • General Permit for Temporary Discharges Involving Construction Activities
  • General Permit for Temporary Discharges Involving Ground Water Well Pump Testing and Development
  • Ground Water Remediation General Permit for Temporary Discharges
  • General Permit to Discharge Storm Water Associated with Large Construction Activities
  • General Permit to Discharge Storm Water Associated with Industrial Activities
  • General Permit to Discharge Storm Water Associated with Mineral Mining Activities
Location: Water Quality / nForm

nForm provides the ability for a permittee to submit an application electronically for new, renewals and modifications of existing permit authorizations under one of the general permits listed above. The system also provides routine notifications to the permittee associated with the status of the application in the permit authorization issuance process. Other user benefits include:

  • Reduction in WQD’s administrative permit application processing times.
  • Submitting data electronically reduces the need for paper copies.
  • Validated application ensuring that a complete application is submitted.
  • Integrated approach for electronically submitting application data, monitoring data and program reports for the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (Air Quality, Land Quality and Water Quality Divisions).
Location: Water Quality / nForm

The first step is to create an account for the Wyoming Online Services (eGov). eGov is a simple and efficient point of entry for doing business with the State of Wyoming.  

To access eGov, please use the following link:


For guidance for how to create an eGov account, use the link below:


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Once you have acquired an eGov account, the next step is to apply for access to the Environmental IT Environmental (ENV-ITE) system. The ENV-ITE system was developed by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to provide a legal framework for electronic submittal of applications and reports. This system will authenticate users and define the role of the user as someone who can edit an application and/or sign an application. According to federal regulations, only certain individuals have the authority to sign a WYPDES permit application. Please use the table below to help you determine if you should request the role of “edit” or “eSign.”

Authorized signatories for this application  are the following:

For corporations:

A principal executive officer of at least the level of vice president, or the manager of one or more manufacturing, production, or operating facilities, provided the manager is authorized to make management decisions which govern the overall operation of the facility from which the discharge originates.

For partnerships:

A general partner.

For a sole proprietorship:

The proprietor.

For a municipal, state, federal or other public facility:

Either a principal executive officer or ranking elected official.

The DEQ will provide electronic notification when your ENV-ITE account is approved.

To access ENV-ITE, please use the link below:


For guidance on how to create an ENV-ITE account, please see the link below:


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