Water Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

A paper copy of your submitted DMRs can be obtained from the paper DMR site http://deq.state.wy.us/paperdmr. Please follow the instructions on how to get/print a paper DMR with values. 

The main reason you will not be able to submit information to the DEQ is that the information you are trying to submit is not valid. Before submittal, make sure the “Overall Status” is valid (VAL) or the system will not allow you to submit the information. You can check the “Overall Status” by either going to the “eDMR Parameters” page (the page where sample results are entered) and clicking on the Validate button, in which case the system will tell you of any potential problems with the submittal, or by using the “Overall Status Utility” function. Please refer to the eDMR 3.0 walkthrough on how to use the “Overall Status Utility” function.

Before logging in to the application, your company will be required to set up an ENVITE account to access eDMR. Please refer to #2 concerning obtaining access to ENVITE and eDMR. If your company already has access to ENVITE and/or eDMR, the account setup might not be completed or might be locked due to invalid attempts. Please contact Kevin Campbell at kevin.campbell@wyo.gov or 307-777-2431 to reset the account.

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