DEQ and consultants complete second round of sampling near Pavillion

Water Quality Division
Published: Oct. 2, 2014

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and their consultants, Acton Mikelson Environmental (AME), completed the second round of domestic water well sampling in August.

This summer, DEQ and their consultants were in the Pavillion area sampling thirteen (13) selected wells.

According to Mark Thiesse, DEQ Groundwater Program Manager, the results of the second sampling event should be available to the well owners in late October or early November. 

"As with the first round, the results of the sampling will be reviewed and evaluated by DEQ and our consultants to identify any constituents that might cause health or palatability issues," said Thiesse.   "The results will be shared with the well owners once the quality assurance and quality control analytical data has been completed."

The quality assurance and quality control of the first round of sampling data results is nearing completion and will be provided to the well owners in the next few weeks.

Thiesse added that the water well downhole video work is planned for October 2014 and those results will also be shared with the well owners and incorporated into the Final Report.