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Request for FY20 Proposals Now Open

Clean Water Act Section 319 Grant
Clean Water Act Section 205(j) Grant

Final Proposals due September 20, 2019

The Nonpoint Source Program of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division is pleased to announce that it is now accepting proposals for projects to be awarded under Sections 319 and 205(j) of the Clean Water Act.   Clean Water Act Section 319 and 205(j) funds for federal fiscal year 2020 (FY20) will be recommended to projects in the fall of 2019.

On a competitive basis, Clean Water Act Section 319 funds to reduce nonpoint source pollution are available to public and private entities, including local governments, cities, counties, school systems, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, state agencies, federal agencies, watershed groups, for-profit groups, and individuals.  Awards to individuals are limited to demonstration projects. Nonpoint source pollution is pollution which results from runoff of contaminants into surface waters or infiltration of contaminants into groundwater. It is generally associated with human land use activities such as agriculture, construction, mineral exploration, recreation, timber harvesting, and urban development.  Section 319 grant funds are primarily directed towards “on-the-ground” watershed restoration or protection projects, but please be sure to read through all guidance to understand eligible project types and program priorities.

Clean Water Act Section 205(j) funds to address water quality management planning are available to cities, towns, counties, and conservation districts on a competitive basis.  The Nonpoint Source Program anticipates receiving $40,000 of 205(j) grant funds in FY20.  

Further information on grant requirements and proposal instructions as well as downloadable copies of required forms are provided in the “Resources” table below.  Please be sure to read through the “Memorandum” documents first as they contain important guidance and instructions. Please be sure to download and complete the current forms as proposals submitted on past years’ application forms will not be accepted.

Please note that the Nonpoint Source Program will host a grants application training webinar on July 22 from 10:00 to 11:00 am.  The webinar will provide (1) an overview of the grants, proposal forms, guidance and application process, (2) information on how to develop a competitive proposal, and (3) an opportunity to ask questions about submitting a proposal.  Interested participants can access the webinar using the following link: Participants can listen using their computer audio or by phoning in to a conference line at 1-208-718-1732 and entering the following PIN: 686754#.  The webinar will be limited to the first 50 participants. The webinar will be recorded and posted for viewing.

If you need assistance with identifying Sage Grouse Core Areas as part of preparing a Section 319 grant proposal (see Section 319 Memorandum and Application Form), please refer to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Sage-Grouse Management/Sage-Grouse Data webpage.

Please contact Jennifer Zygmunt, Nonpoint Source Program and Grants Coordinator at (307) 777-6080 or with any questions.


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