Best Management Practices

This page contains a variety of supplemental resources for best management practices for dealing with and monitoring nonpoint source pollution. Among these resources include materials from the University of Wyoming, the National Resources Conservation Science, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Wyoming State Forestry. 

Best Management Practices Monitoring Guide for Stream Systems — Mesner, N. and G. Paige.  2011. University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service Publication B-1213.

Best Management Practices: Monitoring Guidance — University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service

Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (e-FOTG)— Natural Resources Conservation Service

National Best Management Practices for Water Quality Management on National Forest Lands —  Volume I: National Core BMP Technical Guide. April 2012.  United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. FS-00a.

BMP Resources Available on EPA's Watershed Central Wiki — Contains over 1,000 watershed-related articles from a variety of contributing authors and organizations. 

Wyoming Forestry BMPs — Available through Wyoming State Forestry, contains BMPs for Wyoming's forests. 


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