Wyoming Nutrient Strategy

In 2016, DEQ and the Wyoming Nutrient Work Group began developing the Wyoming Nutrient Strategy. The strategy consists of priority items and next steps to address nutrient pollution in Wyoming’s surface waters from the following four areas:

                Criteria Development

                Point Sources

                Nonpoint Sources

                Education and Outreach

From the broader strategy, DEQ identified a subset of priorities for 2017 and for 2018. DEQ and the Wyoming Nutrient Work Group will update the strategy and annual priorities as work is completed and adjustments need to be made.

After receiving feedback from the Nutrient Work Group, in May 2017, the Boysen Reservoir watershed was selected as the priority for implementing the Wyoming Nutrient Strategy. Boysen Reservoir was selected because it is used frequently for immersion recreation activities, has had high cyanobacteria densities that may pose a risk to public health, has experienced fish kills, is a drinking water supply, and is heavily used for other types of recreation such as boating and fishing. As a preliminary step in better understanding the sources of nutrients to the reservoir, DEQ has begun compiling the existing data available for the reservoir and watershed. 

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