Other Online Training Providers

The training providers listed below have been approved by the State of Wyoming, but do not yet have IACET acredidation.

360water, Inc. Core topic area classes in Water Treatment, Distribution, Wastewater Treatment or Collection.

American Water Works Association (AWWA) eLearning CE Credit Courses:  Click on Course Catalog for a course list. 

At Your Pace Online (AYPO): Core topic area water and distribution classes from 2 to 24 hours long.

GREPA offers certification workshops, courses, webinars, online training, and training materials for Water Treatment, Distribution, Wastewater Treatment or Collection.

National Environmental Services Center (NESC) is dedicated to helping small drinking water system operators. For operator education and certification training, please go to their Drinking Water and Wastewater Operators page.

Digital 2000 offeres video training on OSHA and safety courses.

TargetSolutions offers a mix of core and non-core classes for water and wastewater operators.

Technical Learning College:  Click on Water Courses or Wastewater Courses for course lists.

Train 2 Retain

Water Environment Fund (WEF) offers comprehensive online training materials and webcasts for wastewater treatment professionals.

Water Otter water and wastewater treatment courses that are broken into convenient 30 minute long units,

Zarathom Online offers 1 hour long water and wastewater trainings.

There are also a variety of other training opportunities for Operator Certification. Click through the list below to explore some of these opportunities.