5. Capacity Development

Bill Tillman, Capacity Development Program Lead, 307-777-6941
Stan Miller, Capacity Development Program, 307-777-6371

The Capacity Development Program evaluates the technical, financial, and managerial resources of community and non-transient non-community public water systems (PWS). A PWS that is able to demonstrate capacity development will have adequate resources to ensure their ongoing, successful operation and continuing ability to provide safe drinking water to their customers.

Chapter 22 of the Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations lists the requirements for demonstrating Capacity Development. All community and non-transient, non-community PWS must meet capacity development requirements before a construction permit can be issued or before they can be considered eligible for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loans.

The Governor's Report on the Capacity Development Program (triennial report) provides a detailed description of the Capacity Development Program and explains how the State of Wyoming is assisting public water supplies with attaining and maintaining capacity development.

Which PWS Need to Demonstrate Capacity Development?

All applicants for DWSRF loans.  Fill out the Capacity Assessment and Financial Worksheets.

All new PWS.  Fill out both the Capacity Assessment and Financial Worksheets.

All community and non-transient non-community PWS applying for a permit to construct.  Fill out the Capacity Assessment Worksheets below. If your system has already demonstrated capacity development, contact Bill Tillman or Stan Miller to determine if your construction project requires an update.

Forms and instructions are available for download below.


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