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This resource page contains guidance documents related to WYPDES Storm Water Permitting.


Guidance Information

Storm Water Consultants List.  The linked list represents consultants who have indicated that they are are available for hire by the public to provide services relating to compliance with the Wyoming Large and Small Construction General Permits and who have requested to be on this list.  The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality does not certify or recommend any consultants.  (List updated to September 30, 2014)

You may wish to contact more than one consultant to obtain a comparison of cost, qualifications and services.  Additionally, you may also wish to consult other sources of information such as telephone/business listings, internet search engines, etc.

If your company would like to be included on this list please send a letter or e-mail with contact information to Barb Sahl at DEQ/WQD, 200 West 17thStreet, Cheyenne, WY  82002 (  (2/2017)

These Power Point Presentations are from the February 20, 2013 Storm Water Refresher Training in Casper.  All four presentations are posted as PDF format.  If anyone would like the original Power Point format to incorporate into their own presentations please contact Barb Sahl. (2/2013)

o  Construction General Permit
o  Mineral Mining General Permit
o  Industrial General Permit
o  eDMR

Industrial Stormwater Fact Sheet Series.  EPA has an extensive collection of industry-specific fact sheets describing typical pollutant sources and typical best management practices addressing those sources of pollution to storm water.  (6/2017)

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has produced two informative videos describing how to collect storm water samples from either sheet flow or as grab samples from concentrated flow.  If you have questions on sampling storm water please view these videos.  (2/2012)
-Collecting grab samples
-Collecting samples from sheet flow

State of Wyoming Phase 2 Municipal Guidance:  A Guide to Requirements and Program Development for Coverage Under Wyoming's Phase 2 Municipal Storm Water Discharge Permit (5/2010)

Guidance for benchmark sampling and reporting under the Industrial General Permit (5/2010)

Reclamation Techniques for Northeast Wyoming.  This is a basic and easy-to-follow guide produced by the DEQ Land Quality Division for successful reclamation in northeast Wyoming.  (6/2007)

Reclamation Techniques for Southwest Wyoming High Desert Sites.  This is a basic and easy-to-follow guide produced by the DEQ Land Quality Division for successful reclamation in southwest Wyoming.  (6/2007)

WYPDES Storm Water Permits and the Oil and Gas Industry Including Coalbed Methane (10/2006)

Storm Water Permits and the Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry:  An Operator's Guide to the Wyoming Storm Water Permit Program (2/2006)

New Homeowner Guidance.  Guidance for home buyers of new construction.  Provides guidance to erosion and sedimentation from unlandscaped lots and basic erosion and sediment controls.

"Does Your Construction Site Need a Permit?"  To be revised


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