Class I

All commercial disposal wells in Wyoming are regulated by the UIC Program as Class I injection wells.  Class I wells inject industrial, municipal and hazardous wastes below the deepest Underground Source of Drinking Water (USDW).  Currently, all permitted Class I wells are for the injection of non-hazardous waste.  WQRR Chapter 27 governs the installation and operation of Class I wells. You may download the current version from the Secretary of State's Office website.

List of Authorized Class I Permits and Wells

The Class I Well Application form and instructions.

Draft UIC Permits currently in public comment period.

Minnelusa Aquifer Exemption
The US EPA granted the State of Wyoming a formal aquifer exemption for the Minnelusa Formation located in the central part of the Powder River Basin, described in the aquifer exemption approval letter.  Class I wells injecting into this portion of the Minnelusa Formation do not require a separate aquifer exemption.

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