Water & Wastewater

The Water & Wastewater Program works to ensure safe and adequate supplies of drinking water and the proper disposal of wastewater.  Our expert team can assist you with construction permitting, low interest loans, operator certification, and sourcewater and wellhead protection guidance.

Assistance with Permitting Activities:

  • Construction of drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, drinking water distribution and sewage collection facilities
  • Treatment or disposal of produced water from CBM, oil, or gas extraction
  • Small wastewater treatment facilities including septic tanks and leachfields
  • Concentrated animal feeding operations
  • Incinerating or composting toilets
  • Subdivision reviews

Low Cost Loans: the State Revolving Loan Program provides low cost loans to communities to improve drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification: certified operators provide safe drinking water, clean up wastewater before releasing it to the environment, and protect the investment made in our water and wastewater infrastructure by operating these facilities correctly. If you are a water or wastewater treatment operator needing certification or compliance with ongoing certification, please visit our Operator Certification Program.

The Source Water Protection Program encourages public water systems to develop protection plans to preserve the community’s drinking water supplies and alerts permitting programs to the existence of the protection plans.

Water & Wastewater Program contact information