Willwood Dam and Shoshone River

In response to sediment release from Willwood Dam, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) established three working groups operating under the leadership and direction of an executive committee. The short and long-term objectives of this effort are to: 1) restore aquatic life and habitat damaged due to a release of accumulated sediment from the Willwood Dam reservoir into the Shoshone River and 2) reduce and/or eliminate future need to release accumulated sediment from the dam in amounts and of duration that are harmful to aquatic life and the aquatic and riparian habitats downstream of the dam. The intent of this approach is to engage stakeholders in identifying workable solutions to achieve the objectives. Willwood Irrigation District’s right to divert water under state water laws shall not be impacted by the efforts of this initiative. The three work groups are as follows:

Work Group 1: Cleanup and flushing flow below Willwood Dam

Work Group 2: Development of alternatives for the long-term management of sediment above Willwood Dam, and evaluation of water quality standards

Work Group 3: Addressing sediment sources upstream of Willwood Dam

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