#WyoLeadingTheWay is a new campaign to show the amazing things Wyoming has done to protect and keep our environment beautiful. Periodically, the department will release a new topic demonstrating the efforts the agency has taken.

Did you know?  

Since the initiation of AML reclamation activities in Wyoming in 1983, reclamation activities have included restoration of approximately 24,980 acres of degraded and unproductive abandoned mine land to beneficial use as wildlife habitat and rangeland.  Additionally, 2,452 mine openings have been closed, and over 619,124 linear feet of dangerous highwalls have been remediated. Since its inception, AML has restored over 127 miles of impaired streams and 1,984 acres of impaired streamlands.  

Why is this important?

Abandoned mine lands not only have environmental impacts but also pose a health and safety risk to residents and tourists a like.  Important elements of the reclamation activities are the re-vegetation of those disturbed sites and creation of stable landforms, which will return the land to the previous land use and re-establish appropriate habitat for wildlife.  AML also focuses on mitigating the impacts of historic underground coal mining in communities in the state. 

Wyoming is a leader in abandoned mine land reclamation

The department has been recognized nationally for AML reclamation work completed through out the state. In fact, a federal oversight agency has given the program high marks for their work.  

  • AML Program receives high marks from federal oversight agency.



Below are some videos detailing the various reclamation work AML has done.

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