March 13th is Know Your Well Day

March 13th is Know Your Well Day

Over 72 percent of Wyoming’s population relies on groundwater for part or all of their drinking water supply. In recognition of the importance of groundwater to the citizens of the state and in conjunction with the National Groundwater Association “Groundwater Awareness Week”, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Water Quality Division (WQD) has designated March 13th as “Know Your Well Day.”

Water quality varies considerably across the State and is influenced by naturally occurring constituents such as minerals, salts, metals, etc. present within it.  Depending upon the amount present, naturally occurring constituents can affect the taste, color and odor of the water, as well as its safety for human consumption, or suitability for other types of uses such as irrigation and livestock watering.

In addition, groundwater quality can be impacted by waste disposal practices, spills, leaks or other activities that can render it unsuitable for use.  Therefore, it’s important for private well owners to regularly inspect, maintain, and sample their wells, and to be aware of potential threats to groundwater nearby and on their property.

To find out more information regarding drinking water wells, common contaminants, water well testing, and other resources pertaining to groundwater, please visit the DEQ’s “Know Your Well” website at


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