Energy Audits for Wyoming Farms and Small Businesses

Energy Audits for Wyoming Farms and Small Businesses

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is teaming up with EnSave, Inc. to provide energy audits for Wyoming farms and small businesses.

Energy audits are customized plans to identify energy savings for businesses. These audits typically find 10 to 35 percent savings.

“Our goal is to provide assistance to small businesses in Wyoming.  This particular program is focused on the agricultural community,” said Brian Hall, DEQ Outreach Manager.  “We hope to provide the opportunity for agricultural operators to become more sustainable and profitable through energy efficiency.”EnSave has a long history of partnering with organizations in order to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to their constituencies.  They have a long legacy of helping the agricultural community.

The energy audits look at lighting, motors, pumps, stock waterers, refrigeration, irrigation efficiency, HVAC, and other facility infrastructure.

According to Hall, these audits may be used to access United States Department of Agriculture funding for energy efficiency improvements.

To reserve an energy audit, please call 1-800-732-1399. Participants will only be required to contribute $100.00 towards the audit. The remaining cost (typically $2000-$4000) will be covered by the program.
For more information about the program, please contact Brian Hall at 307-777-7753 or by email at


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