AML begins exploratory drilling in Rock Springs

AML begins exploratory drilling in Rock Springs

On January 15, 2018, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Abandoned Mine Land Division (AML) began exploratory drilling at 846 and 900 West Center Street, in Rock Springs.

AML is conducting an investigative drilling program in specific areas within Rock Springs to be proactive with respect to identifying the potential for mine subsidence. Exploratory drilling is anticipated to continue for the next two to three months in various locations within Rock Springs.

Previous work limited the drilling and grouting to a depth of 120 feet based on geotechnical studies. This determination was based on subsurface conditions expected from available data. 

The intention of this investigative drilling is to collect site-specific and subsurface data. The exploratory drilling will occur within the right-of-way of these various locations:

  • 400 block of Soulsby Street
  • 400 block of Elias Avenue
  • Evans Street
  • J Street (between 5th Street and Evans Street)
  • 1400 block of Pioneer Street
  • 500 block of Lewis Street
  • 1400 block of Thorpe Street
  • 400 block of A Street
  • 0 to 100 block of Pine Street
  • 600 block of Rhode Island Avenue
  • 700 and 800 blocks of D street
  • New Hampshire street (between Massachusetts Avenue and Connecticut Avenue)
  • Connecticut Avenue (between New Hampshire street and Wyoming Street)
  • 1000 block of Vermont Street
  • Wyoming Street (between Jefferson Avenue and McKinley Avenue)
  • Jefferson Avenue (between Wyoming Street and Thompson Street)
  • Lincoln Avenue (between Wyoming Street and 900 Block)
  • Sublette Street (between Sublette Circle and Walnut Street)
  • Walnut Street (between Albany Circle and Sublette Court)
  • 1400 block of McKinley Avenue
  • Donalynn Drive (between Palisades Way and Frontier Drive)
  • Frontier Drive

“We appreciate the publics patience during these efforts,” said Jeff Meena, AML Project Manager. “Traffic disruptions are anticipated to be minimal during the course of the work.”

According to Meena, the contractor is Nucor, Inc., BRS, Inc. will be managing the project and Western Engineers & Geologists will be assisting with the project management efforts. If there are any questions, please contact:

Doug Beahm, PE/PG
Project Manager
BRS, Inc.
1130 Major Ave.
Riverton, WY 82501

Rob Gerrard, PE
Project Engineer
Western Engineers & Geologists
1329 Ninth Street
Rock Springs, WY 82901


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