Laramie auto repair shop receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Laramie auto repair shop receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Recently, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) presented VDR Foreign Auto of Laramie, Wyoming with the 2017 Fourth Quarter Environmental Stewardship Award.  

The award is given to companies that are nominated by DEQ staff for voluntary efforts to reduce environmental impacts while conducting business. VDR Foreign Auto was chosen by the Wyoming Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP) for this award.  

The CAP is a statutorily created panel of business representatives that renders advisory opinions related to the effectiveness of the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program as well as ensuring rules and regulations are understandable to the general public.  The panel plays an important role in the development of departmental rules by providing input on the impacts to small businesses.
“I really appreciated the creative methods of dealing with the different types of waste whether paper filters, metal housing or used oil/antifreeze,” said Matt Grant, CAP member. “This was a very proactive method to deal with waste and more productive than just sorting a waste stream.” 

VDR Foreign Auto was recognized for their unique processes in which used motor oil and antifreeze are recycled and reused.  This process has not been identified anywhere else in Wyoming, which prompted the nomination for the Environmental Stewardship Award.  The facility has increased their business efficiency while creating a more environmentally sustainable business model. 

“DEQ is pleased with the CAP’s decision for the Environmental Stewardship Award.  This was not an easy decision and all of the nominations were highly regarded,” added Landon Brown DEQ Pollution Prevention Coordinator. “Ultimately, it was the unique processes VDR Foreign Auto uses to recycle and reuse motor oil and antifreeze to reduce their environmental impact that proved to be the deciding factor.”

VDR Foreign Auto performs auto service on all makes and models but specializes in European cars.  This facility uses a custom built device that disassembles and separates metal and oil which furthers the potential for metal recycling in addition to the oil recycling.

The recycling of antifreeze is challenging, as the majority of vehicles serviced (Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc),  have their own special formulation of antifreeze. This requires the recycling machine to be cleaned prior to operation and special filters used for each type of antifreeze. 

Facility personnel also drain and dry paper filters prior to disposal. Additionally, this facility recycles cardboard, paper, metals, and plastics.


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