DEQ rolls out updated version of its WyVisNet air quality monitoring website

DEQ rolls out updated version of its WyVisNet air quality monitoring website

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently released its refurbished WyVisNet website (, providing updates to the existing website and new features for the citizens of Wyoming to use for tracking air quality conditions throughout the state.

Since 2002, WyVisNet has enabled the general public to observe near-real-time air quality conditions and live images from monitoring stations across Wyoming, as well as providing health effects information to assist the public with interpreting the results.

Now, the website is equipped with new features that citizens had requested from DEQ including enhanced graphs illustrating recent data retrieved from monitoring stations, as well as browser-friendly reports with recent data.

While the website has some visual changes from its previous version, it largely preserves the same look and feel. Citizens are greeted with a front-page map providing easy navigation to live site pages with camera images.

The new version is optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets, providing better user experiences for those platforms.

The website also provides new functionality for the Air Quality Division (AQD) to more efficiently manage monitoring and data, ultimately saving time and staff resources.

“We are excited about the updates to the website and believe it will provide the people of Wyoming with enhanced accessibility to the air quality data they are seeking,” AQD Monitoring Section Supervisor Cara Keslar said.

Visit to explore the new version. For questions or support, please call Cara Keslar with the 

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