Wyoming DEQ celebrates 50-year anniversary with Proclamation.

Wyoming DEQ celebrates 50-year anniversary with Proclamation.

DEQ leadership receives signed proclamation from Governor. From left: Deputy Director and ISD Administrator Alan Edwards, SHWD Administrator Suzanne Engels, Governor Mark Gordon, Director Todd Parfitt, WQD Administrator Jennifer Zygmunt, Management Services Administrator Kimber Wichmann, AQD Administrator Nancy Vehr, LQD Administrator Kyle Wendtland

By Kimberly Mazza

CHEYENNE –Governor Mark Gordon celebrated the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) 50th anniversary by signing a proclamation at the Capitol.   

The DEQ was established on July 1, 1973, through the Environmental Quality Act.  The purpose of the Act was to protect and enhance air, land, and water resources. 

“From its establishment, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has represented a state that recognizes the need to produce its natural resources while protecting her exceptional water, air and pristine lands,” stated Governor Gordon. “Over the years the DEQ has had great leadership, and today I look at the wonderful work the leadership in this room has done making complicated policy work for the citizens of Wyoming.  I congratulate DEQ for their efforts and thank them for riding for the brand.”

Since its establishment there have been six directors leading the department. Todd Parfitt, who has been with the DEQ for 29 years and has been the Director for the last ten years, spoke during the ceremony.

“Throughout these 50 years the DEQ has experienced and overcome many challenges while remaining true its original mission. As we celebrate this milestone, I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding staff, past and present.  They  work extremely hard and are dedicated to the mission of the DEQ and Wyoming.  Our many accomplishments would not be possible without them,” stated Parfitt.

Several of DEQ’s leadership attended the ceremony.  Deputy Director and Industrial Siting Division Administrator, Alan Edwards, Water Quality Division Administrator Jennifer Zygmunt, Solid and Hazardous Waste Division Administrator Suzanne Engels, Air Quality Division Administrator Nancy Vehr, Land Quality Division Administrator Kyle Wendtland, and Management Services Administrator Kim Wichmann were in attendance to help celebrate this special occasion.   

Parfitt thanked Governor Gordon for his leadership, and for his support for a strong economy and healthy environment. “We appreciate all that the Governor does for the state and for recognizing the DEQ today and its accomplishments throughout the last 50 years.”

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